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Fashion Week 2018

The Excitement of Fashion Week 2018

It’s one of the most exciting weeks of the year for the fashion community, fashion week 2018. Everyone who is anyone in the fashion world goes to the shows, follows the top trends, and is mesmerized by the crazy amounts of beautiful people and clothing all in one place – even the Queen was spotted at London Fashion Week this year! Although it is only February, these shows sure do get people excited for Fall 2018 fashion. In case you weren’t following along, below are some of the top trends seen on and off the runways at fashion week 2018.

Emerging Trends for Fall

As the Fall 2018 collections hit the runways around the world, we have seen several emerging trends across designers that are sure to be a hit, come next season. As is often the case in fashion, a lot of these new trends are actually reboots of trends from the past, fashion week 2018 saw some obvious inspiration from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

New York Fashion Week Trends

A couple trends were spotted across collections at NYFW, one being the skirt suit. This combination of an oversized suit jacket and midi skirt was seen at several shows including Jason Wu and Calvin Klein. Although it is reminiscent of the past, this updated look is chic and better than ever. The 1980s revival continued with bright colors, more specifically a bright hue of magenta. This striking color was seen across a long list of collections including Alexander Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung and more.

Sticking with the bright color trend – both colorful tights and bright animal prints are making a comeback next season.

London Fashion Week Trends

Similar to New York Fashion Week, a number of the London Fashion Week trends were bright, bold, and flashy. Burberry took the lead in bright colored pieces, with its new rainbow check in support of three LGBT charities. The runway was also bedazzled with sequins in several different collections – full sequined outfits shined in more ways than one. Like NYFW, women’s suits were prevalent in London, however these suits took a different turn compared to the skirt suit seen in New York. We saw a resurgence of corduroy in a dressy skirt at Erdem, then Simone Rocha went full-on girly with bows, ruffles and ribbons sewn on trouser suits.

Milan Fashion Week Trends

Not unlike New York Fashion Week or London Fashion Week, several trends we saw at Milan Fashion Week were reminiscent of past decades. Versace lead the pack for the 80s trends, with everything from power trench coats to mismatched sweat suits. Another big trend across the runway was the use of color tones from the 70s, think mustard yellow, tan, tangerine and all versions of brown hues. Continuing from NYFW and LFW - becoming one of the bigger trends seen across fashion week 2018 - security blankets remained a dominant trend in Milan as well.

Paris fashion week is up next! Are you able to spot the trends across those runways?

Street style at Fashion Week

fashion week 2018

fashion week 2018

Due to the cold temps, we typically see a lot of standout coats and jackets on the streets during fall fashion week. Whether they are from well-known designers or just fabulous outer garments – bold coats continue to be the prominent trend off the runway.

People also love to play with colors in their street style. We have seen both full monochrome looks as well as bright mixed prints and colors. After all, this is the time of year to go beyond your everyday look and stand out in your style on the streets – it’s fashion week!

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