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Runway fresh, served in Denver.

Ask a Stylist: Zoe

Before joining Garbarini, Zoe built-up an impressive roster of fashion experience. From her studies in college to working as a styling assistant at Phoenix Fashion Week, an Allocation Analyst for Kohl's, and a Visual Merchandising Manager for Banana Republic, Zoe has been able to learn the ins and outs of many different parts of the fashion industry. Now, she's able to take her knowledge and pair it with her desire to make every client's day, ensuring they're comfortable and confident.

Get to know Garbarini stylist Zoe.

fashion stylist at Garbarini Zoe

Who is your typical client?

I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds, but I especially love working with clients who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and have some fun with styling. I personally employ a lot of very different styles within my own wardrobe — I wear everything from flowery and frilly mini dresses to baggy cargo pants and Jordans to a flattering flare pant with a boho blouse — so I really enjoy working with clients who will let me mix different elements and schools of fashion to create the perfect look for them.


What's the process when a client comes to the store to meet with you?

If possible, I like to begin a dialogue with my clients before they visit the store. Specifically, I like to know what event they are shopping for, the items we need to prioritize, what sizes they typically wear, and any standout likes/dislikes when it comes to dressing. Once I've gathered all pertinent information, I pull all my best options for that client and prepare the fitting room with potential outfit combinations. I try to encourage open-mindedness and trust throughout the process — clients are often pleasantly surprised when trying on pieces they would never have chosen for themselves. 

All of the stylists at Garbarini have years and years of experience, tons of skill, and incredible stylistic vision — we all want our clients to be comfortable while trying things on, but we can also greatly inspire confidence and excitement in those we work with by guiding them through the shopping experience. I always want to leave my workday feeling like I genuinely helped someone learn something new about their personal style and made them excited about the pieces they left with. 


What’s your style philosophy?

Confidence always makes or breaks an outfit. Even if every single tiny detail is perfectly styled and curated, you need to feel comfortable and excited about what you're wearing. Be obsessed with every item in your closet, and never try to force anything. 


Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designer would have to be Jamie Okuma. She's a Native artist and designer based in California who has paved the way for Indigenous people in the fashion industry. Her designs contain so much color and life and incorporate tons of detail from significant Native artwork and design principles. She produces many intricate beadwork pieces herself, which are highly revered, and each of her clothing collections is truly unique and special. All of my pieces from her make me feel so beautiful and so connected to my culture. 


What are 3 essentials you think every woman should have in her closet?

An easy and great-fitting pair of denim

A clean and simple black blazer (I personally prefer an oversized fit)

  • A fun statement shoe — a pair that's a little more unique and special than all the rest, something that can elevate your outfits and add that extra "wow" factor


Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

I often turn to social media for fashion inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok are my go-tos for viewing fashion content from all over the world and getting new ideas for outfit curation. 


What should you pack for a weekend getaway?

Your weekend trip wardrobe should always include the following: 

An easy and comfortable outfit to travel in, i.e., a cute sweat set, romper, t-shirt dress, etc.

Loungewear for downtime in the hotel

A dressed-up outfit for dinner one night — think a sleek dress with an easy pair of heeled sandals

  • A bright sundress with sandals or, for something a little more casual, your favorite denim with a simple tank or tee for daytime exploring

Tip: pack pieces that you can mix and match to make more than one outfit, that way, you won't overpack and will have more room in your suitcase for weekend purchases.


What kind of pants are best for summer?

I love a lightweight, relaxed pair of denim for summer. However, I typically prefer no pants; instead, I turn to skirts and dresses once the weather starts warming up! 


If women are interested in shopping sustainably, what do you think they should look for?

For those interested in sustainable consumption, pay attention to price tags and quality. Less expensive and lower quality items typically contribute to the toxic cycle of fast fashion. If you really put care into obtaining high-quality pieces for your wardrobe and take good care of your clothing, they can last you a long time and maybe even serve someone else when you are ready to say goodbye. 

I know that, personally, I would rather spend my money on one or two really beautiful and well-made items than ten cheaply made items. When I invest in choice pieces, I commit to treating those items well and wearing them over and over rather than just for a single occasion. Additionally, be mindful about looking for pieces you can wear in many ways with many other items in your closet.


What are must-have accessories that will last over time?

  • A beautifully printed silk scarf — you can use this to dress up your favorite handbag, as a belt, or tie it up in your hair. 

  • A few simple and delicate fine jewelry pieces are always a must-have in your closet. I have a handful of gold rings, a couple of simple gold necklaces, and small chunky gold hoops that are my daily go-tos. Adding just those few easy details can elevate your everyday look. 

  • A great handbag — this doesn't necessarily have to be a designer piece, but I think it's wise to invest in at least one really beautiful, high-quality bag that you can take everywhere. This can be a sleek, neutral bag or a statement piece. 


How do you come up with a street-style look?

I like to start with one stand-out piece that is bold in color, has a cool graphic or print, or a unique silhouette. I build the rest from there, choosing pieces that elevate the overall look and complement the hero piece.


What trends do you think will be most popular in fall 2023?

I think denim pieces will be really big this fall — everything from denim vests to long denim skirts to denim corsets. I also anticipate a lot of utilitarian-style pieces dominating the upcoming season. There's been a surge in cargo skirts, pants, shorts, etc., so expect lots of chunky pockets and oversized fits.

To schedule an appointment with Zoe, call us at 303-333-8686 or email: Zoe.Bitsie@gmail.com.