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Runway fresh, served in Denver.

Wear Cisco The Cutoff Shirt


Perfect for the Summer months that necessitate a sleeveless silhouette or to peak out of your favorite sweater or blazer if you run hot.

Step 1:  Take the pink button on the outside, front placket of the shirt and button it through the blue buttonhole located on the inside left seam (just above the care label).*Please note that when using the inside buttonhole for the first time, it will feel tight.  The buttonhole will naturally give with each use.

Step 2:  Go back to the front placket. Take the outside, navy buttonhole and attach it to either one of the two pink buttons on the outer, right hand side of the shirt.


THE CUTOFF SHIRT | 7526040666368

CUTOFF shirt is a sleeveless version of Wear Cisco’s Classic Men’s Shirt

Wear it two ways:  buttoned up the front for a classic and relaxed fit or wrap it across your torso to create a silhouette that follows the curves of your body.

Constructed in an exceptional 100% woven cotton fabric that is paper like to the touch and is the foundation for our solid colors.


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