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Runway fresh, served in Denver.

Talisman Sirius A Ring


Abstract and deliciously amorphous, the Sirius A Ring is a dainty, organic-shaped band that calls to mind the shapes of solar flares and the white-hot plasma of a star. Cast in solid gold – the precious metal believed to contain solar energy – this piece is inspired by the brightest star in our night sky (also known to some as our spiritual sun), Sirius A.



  • Hand carved and cast using traditional lost-wax casting techniques
  • One side of the Sirius A Ring intentionally lies slightly more flat, while the other side contains slight ridges, allowing this ring to stack well with either straight bands, solitaires, or other amorphous bands.
  • Sustainably made in solid, recycled 14k gold
  • Band varies from 1-2mm wide


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