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Runway fresh, served in Denver.

Kim White Lion Hip Belt



Grrrrrrrrlllllll…..this is such a good lion!  Kim designed this lion head based on a vintage find she found in Paris, from the 70s.  We love the top of it’s head, which is a stylized design like a crown.  And the lion’s mane is so full, and he looks so regal.  Shown here in antique brass with a high quality black leather strap, backed in burgundy suede and sewn.


Sizing for HIP BELT:  XS is 32″, Small is 34″, Medium is 36″, Large is 38″

Always made in the USA with impeccable craftsmanship.

Regarding sizing:  each belt has 5 holes spaced 1″ apart, the sizing below is the measurement to the middle hole (allowing for 2″ adjustment on either side).

The strap is 1-1/2″ wide.

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