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All orders received during this time period will be fulfilled within 2-3 business days from Monday 7/22 in the order they were received. Thank you for shopping with us!

Runway fresh, served in Denver.

Jenny Bird Sofia Mega Bracelet

A gorgeously fluid bold bracelet that boasts a ribbed texture through a unique caterpillar construction. Vintage-inspired foldover closure, finished in high-polish.



dipped brass

finish: high polish

foldover clasp

product measurements:

length: 18.42cm / 7.25″

cuff width: 16.7mm / 0.66″

cuff height: 7.48mm / 0.29″

weight: 34.87g / 1.23oz

Using the foldover closure: Look for the JENNY BIRD logo on the flat bar. On one side, you’ll see a hinge, on the other side, you’ll see a tab. Gently pull the tab upward to open. To close, thread the tab closure through the opening, and press firmly to close. You will hear it click into place.



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.