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Gas Bijoux Onde Gourmette PM O Earrings

These exquisite pieces feature a delicate chain meticulously hand-hammered into a flat and spiraled design, creating an intricate and dynamic visual effect. With a length of 7.5 cm and a width of 5 cm, these earrings strike the perfect balance between statement and sophistication. The lightweight construction, weighing only 11 grams per earring, ensures comfort throughout wear. Their graceful movement and intricate craftsmanship are a testament to their artisanal quality. Whether you’re looking to enhance your everyday look or make a bold impression on special occasions, these earrings are the epitome of timeless elegance and artistic flair.



Gold plated earrings, composed of a delicate chain hand-hammered.
Length: 7,5 cm – Width: 5 cm
Weight (one earring): 11 g


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