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Gas Bijoux Wave O Bracelet

Capture the spirit of Africa with our gold-plated cuff bracelet, artfully crafted from stacked metallic threads. Inspired by the essence of the continent, this piece is a tribute to its rich culture and natural beauty. The cuff is meticulously hand-hammered, adding a unique touch to its design. Its wave-shaped thick profile symbolizes the flow of life and connection to nature. The adjustable size ensures a comfortable fit on your wrist. With a height of 4.2 cm and a circumference of 13.5 cm, this bracelet makes a bold statement while remaining versatile enough for various occasions. Whether paired with casual or elegant outfits, this bracelet reflects the allure of Africa’s landscapes and traditions, making it a true expression of style and artistry.



Gold plated bracelet finely worked of stacked metallic threads inspired by a trip to Africa.

The cuff is hand-hammered.

Wave shaped thick cuff bracelet

Adjustable size. Height: 4,2 cm – Circumference: 13,5 cm Weight: 44 g

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.