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Aloha Mini Hip Pack


The Leopard Cub Collection by Samudra brings an exciting blend of boldness and playfulness to the classic animal print with a vibrant neon accent. This collection is a perfect choice for those who want to make a statement while embracing their wild side. With a hidden inside zipper pocket, 8.5″ W x 3.75″ H dimensions, and an adjustable strap that shortens from 43″ to 28.5″, it combines practicality with style. The white interior adds a touch of contrast, completing the striking look of this accessory.



  • Hidden inside zipper pocket
  • 8.5″ W x 3.75″ H
  • 43″ strap shortens to 28.5″
  • Features a white interio
  • SPLASH-PROOF® is the next best thing to waterproof! Your belongings will be protected from a light splash, light rain, or a cocktail spillage, but please do not submerge your ALOHA Collection pouch with belongings inside. The zipper and seams of ALOHA Collection bags are not watertight.


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