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Ask a Stylist: Timothy

Ask a Stylist: Timothy

No one knows how beneficial retail therapy is more than our stylist Timothy. Timothy joined Garbarini over 17 years ago and has been working in fashion for over two decades. From sales and buying to personal displays, Timothy has had a hand in all aspects of the industry throughout his career. His favorite part of the job is lifting women up through fashion and helping them feel beautiful.

Get to know Garbarini stylist Timothy.

professional fashion stylist in Denver CO
Q: Who is your typical client?

A: My clients are a mix of successful corporate women, athletes, moms, musicians, attorneys, and more, that all range between 35 and 65 years old. Though their daily lives vary drastically, one thing they all have in common is that they're bored, exhausted, and over the way they've been dressing for years. They're looking to make a transformation.


Q: What's the process when a client comes to the store to meet with you?

A: The first thing I try to assess is what my clients are looking for and why. Then, I just listen. Many of the clients I work with are going or have gone through some sort of life change—divorce, weight loss, a new career path, post-pregnancy—so listening helps me devise a plan that fits their situation.


Q: What’s your style philosophy?

A: Let's face it; EVERYBODY has their own inherent style, be it my cup of tea or not. I believe my job is to either enhance or take away from areas to refine that style. I like to make my clients shine, highlighting whatever makes them unique, and possibly introduce them to a new part of their style they haven't explored yet.


Q: Who are your favorite designers?

A: So many, so I'll condense it to four!

  • 1. BRUNELLO CUCCINELLI for introducing us to the elegance of the rustic Italian countryman.
    2. RALPH LAUREN for his brilliant portrayal of Americana as a whole — the dress, the cars, the home, the lifestyle.
    3. TOM FORD for singlehandedly taking a nearly 100-year-old fashion house and reintroducing it at a time when nobody was interested only to create a fashion frenzy that to this day hasn't been matched.
    4. YSL for taking a chance with boundary-pushing designs in a time when "a lady" wasn't supposed to don such clothing.

Q: What are 3 essentials you think every woman should have in her closet?

A: The three essential clothing items every woman should have are:

1. "Go to" blazer. We carry everything from Theory to Circolo 1901 and my personal favorite Smythe.
2.  Lingerie that makes them feel sexy.
3. A great pair of jeans for every day of the week. We currently have some great new silhouettes from L'Agence and longtime classics from Adriano Goldschmied.


Q: How can a woman transition her summer wardrobe to fall?

A: My absolute best advice is to jump on the net and look around the globe. There are so many amazingly dressed women with great style and ideas to emulate. Search for trends that you're trying to understand better like "Cashmere Bra" or type in specifics that you already own that you want to style differently like "High Boots Street Style."


Q: Where do you find style inspiration on tv?

A: Frankly, I don't watch much regular TV, but I do find inspiration in movies—classics and new. Current favorites include Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron, Ocean's Eight (they did an amazing job on Cate Blanchett's characters style), and I loved Ford vs. Ferrari. The timeless tailoring and traditional men's garments are always en vogue.


Q: What are the best ways to style a T-shirt?

A: Here are three of my favorite ways to style a T-shirt:

1. White tank + fitted blazer sans bra. I recommend ATM COLLECTION's Ribbed Modal Boy Tank and anything Smythe.
2. White muscle shirt + leather leggings. Zadig and Voltaire make great leather.
3. White fitted V-neck tee + tight vintage 501 Levis. For the top, choose L'Agence Becca V-Neck.


Q: What type of jeans should you wear with boots?

A: Depends on the boots! We just got in some incredible ones from Paloma Barcello and Alias Mae. You cannot beat a lug sole balanced with exceptional tailoring and lines. A sleek pointed toe and smooth leather complete an elevated denim aesthetic as well.

To set up an appointment with Timothy, call us at 303-333-8686 or email: elisa@garbarinishop.com.