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Ask a Stylist: Julie

Ask a Stylist: Julie

For 25 years, Julie has been styling women at Garbarini. Her patience, honesty, and skills at finding the right pieces for every wardrobe have made her the successful stylist she is today. Being at home hasn’t slowed Julie down. Aside from organizing her closet, she’s been busy taking online courses, having virtual dance parties, making jewelry, and finding other ways to stay positive and keep moving forward spiritually.

Get to know Garbarini stylist, Julie.

We checked in with Julie to see how she’s been styling herself during quarantine and got some tips on how we can dress to impress, while staying comfortable, at home.

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Q: Have you cleaned out your closet?

A: Yes, that was on my first to-do list. I organized it so the spring/summer wear was easily accessible.


Q: What do you recommend to those who are cleaning out their closets?

A: My recommendation, since we may or may not have the time, is to really try to put things on. You may have an emotional attachment to something, but when it’s on, you don’t feel good in it—a surefire reason to get rid of that item. Also, a lot of people end up buying the same things. Don’t be a repeat offender! And, take note where you might have holes in your closet. This is really helpful when you come in for styling. It saves a lot of time and headaches.


Q: What do you wear on your days off?

A: Anything comfortable and appropriate for what I'm doing, like gardening, online courses, cleaning, video chats, or date night. When the weather is nice, I'll even wear just a swimsuit.


Q: What should you wear during virtual video meetings?

A: It depends upon how formal the meeting is. With friends, you can wear something fun. If it’s more professional, business on top and whatever you’re comfortable in on the bottom. But in case you get up, it's best to keep it all professional. ?  


Q: What can I wear while working from home that’s comfortable but not sweats?

A: Nowadays, there are so many clothes that are professional, and the fabric has give. We have a line called Ecru (you can shop virtually with the link on our Instagram). The pants are comfortable yet will provide you with a polished look, which is really important. If your job isn’t as professional, there are many jeans made with a very soft cotton fabric like AG. They are more put together than denim and more comfortable.

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photo sources: ecrustyle.com; agjeans.com

Q: What’s one way you can dress up loungewear?

A: One could dress up loungewear with a zip front bomber, sweater, cardigan, or jacket. It really depends on the look of the loungewear, as not all loungewear is designed equal.

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photo source: pamandgela.com

 Q: What jeans are best for wearing around the house?

A: I have found the best jeans for around the house are a looser fitting jean. I have a favorite studded Zadig and Voltaire cropped pair that I have been wearing a lot. Otherwise, anything with stretch.


Q: What do you recommend wearing for a video interview?

A: In a video interview, one should take the same considerations as if it were in person. Dress for the job you want.


Q: Do certain colors look better on video chats than others?

A: I have found a bit of color pops better than black/grey. Red, cobalt blue, yellow, orange, pink... really anything that looks good on your skin tone.


Q: Are you doing virtual styling consultations?

A: Yes, always willing to help and do virtual styling. It helps if the client knows what they are looking for.


Q: How do you see the current situation changing fashion as we know it?

A: Hopefully, many clothing designers will be able to make it through this. I don’t think we will ever take for granted the variety and magic of what we’ve been able to have at our fingertips. 


I believe people will be more careful about where they spend their money, focusing on what businesses genuinely have their best interest as well as having employees as a priority over profit. One might even consider shopping more locally and sustainably. It may also make people realize how important their stylist is, the expertise and ease of updating their wardrobe while supporting local boutiques instead of shopping online, which is risky and impersonal.


To learn more about Julie or to schedule a styling appointment, visit her stylist profile.