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Summer 2019 Street Style | Garbarini

Summer 2019 Street Style 

Street style is always in style no matter what season we are in. Summer is especially stylish with colors, prints, layers, accessories, nails, and of course, shoes. A stunning ensemble as a whole make for casual looks that can be worn day to night. If you’re wondering what street style is, and thinking that simply wearing any clothes on the street counts, here’s some clarification. 

Street style comes originally from British fashion culture and is the idea to make an outfit pop outside of mainstream fashion. This type of fashion has evolved from the streets, from real people wearing real things, that didn’t jump off a runway or come from a couture store.

Since the 1950s this fashion trend has been emulated more and has evolved to represent the regular person who has a closet full of pieces that are fun, vibrant, different, and against the grain. The more wild, the better when it comes to street style, and the more fun you’re having the more creative you’ll be. 

Street style is a lawless land where pretty much anything goes. If you feel fashionable in it and you stop traffic or turn heads from time to time, you are street styling! At Garbarini, we love to stock pieces that are perfect to embody the life and soul of street style. We’ve selected some of our favorites to create a killer look for street style.


Zadig & Voltaire Leo Wild Sneaker

Summer street style wouldn’t be complete without some animal print. And who doesn’t love a little animal print for Leo season?! This bold, wild sneaker is the new neutral. A splash of gold adds to the flare and will be sure to stop traffic as you step out with these on your feet for some summer street style.

If the gold and leopard weren’t enough, there’s a lightning bolt stitched onto the side for that extra flare and sassy street style. Comfortable, fashionable, and just enough pop, this first piece of our summer street style outfit is all the rage.

Trendy Sneakers

CLOSED Skinny Pusher

Denim is always in season and staple for summer street style. The perfect skinny jean (which comes in different washes) is 100% made in Italy, and the Italians know their fashion. With just enough stretch and just enough structure, you’ll be comfortable rocking these street style jeans all day.

The worn look is done by hand in a family-run business with ecological production technologies. These aren’t your typical jeans, as you can see, which makes them perfect for street style. Against the norm, against the grain, and far from mainstream, the CLOSED SKinny Pusher will become your #1 jean for summer street style.

Summer skinny jeans

L’AGENCE Becca Tee

Moving on up in our summer street style outfit, we’ve got the perfect, softest v-neck tee known to man. While you may be thinking this isn’t bold enough for street style, think again. The soft taupe color, the lines, the deep v-neck cut, all scream summer street style. The effortless, chic, and understated tee won’t compete with the wild shoes but will emit just enough sass.

Street style is not only about making a statement, it’s about being yourself and being comfortable. You wouldn’t walk 10 blocks in stiff shoes or constricting fabric. This flowy, breezy, slim-fit v-neck is casual street style and just perfect for summer. A good v-neck is a closet staple and an ideal base layer. And street style is all about the layers.

Becca Tee

SMYTHE Lounge Blazer

Ladies on the street always look polished in a casual blazer that fits just right, and the SMYTHE Lounger Blazer is the ONE! This decidedly tailored blazer creates a silhouette that can easily go from day to night. This new silhouette falls to the low hip and features a peaked lapel and angled pocket flaps in a menswear inspired glen-check. The finishing touch on this summer street style outfit, the SMYTHE Lounge Blazer is all class.

Comfy Blazers

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