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Fashion Week Trends & What to Shop Now

The Fashion Week Trends We Loved the Most

As the various Fashion Weeks - Fashion Month as some call it - come to a close, we are left with some pretty major spring 2019 trends. But who really wants to wait until spring to start diving in to some of these fashion week trends? Yes, we should be enjoying our incredible fall and winter fashions but there are definitely trends from the recent runways that can be incorporated into your current wardrobe as well. Get ahead of the 2019 trends and start now! Below are some of our favorite trends we saw over the past several weeks.

A surprising trend we saw emerge at NYFW for spring, was the iterations of Disney inspired pieces from these high fashion designers. Some designers were more literal, like Coach, with actual depictions of the Dalmatians, Bambi and the Aristocats on t-shirts, dresses, and handbags, whereas others were simply showing some inspiration from the cartoon giant with looks obviously paying homage to Disney villains and wicked step-mothers.

fashion week trends to wear now

It wouldn’t be a spring runway without some sort of bright color, and this year it was very obviously shades of yellow and gold. Designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Pyer Moss, and Carolina Herrera put the color front and center as their gown shade of choice for spring. This eye-catching look is hard to pass up as one of our top favorite fashion week trends this season.

Disney cartoons weren’t the only nostalgic pieces on the runways this year – cargo pants made quite the resurgence at several different runway shows. Designers presented a fresh take on the pants typically associated with middle-aged men, some sticking with a sporty rendition while others going a bit off the rails with a chic evening-friendly iteration. Don’t get your dad or husband too excited, but cargo pants may just be back.

It seems like each season we see some sort of tribute paid to the Victorian era, and this year was no different. This time around we saw a lot of voluminous puff sleeves going strong for spring. Although this has been a trend for a little while now, the looks seen on runways were printed and ultra-feminine making them feel fresh for the new season.

fashion week trends to wear now

How to Wear the Fashion Week Trends Now


With all the excitement taken from the runways this past month, it is hard to wait until next year to start wearing some of these fabulous fashion week trends. Honestly, there is no reason to wait, so why not get ahead and work them in to your current fall and winter wardrobes?

The Disney trend seen on some runways is a fun way to bring a bit of a youthful vibe to your wardrobe, and frankly is quite simple to incorporate with a good graphic tee underneath a leather jacket. Or take a pass at the wicked stepmother look for a night out with the girls with a tight black midi dress, leather boots and a dark purple cape or sweater.

We have already seen a lot of stores and designers featuring cargo pants versions for fall, from ASOS to H&M, to high end versions from designers we carry at Garbarini! Take a risk and get a pair for fall to get ahead of the curve.

The puff sleeve is super simple to incorporate into your fall and winter looks with puff sleeve blouses and sweaters paired with jeans or skirt and tights. You may be surprised by how much it elevates your look and gives it an extra feminine edge.

fashion week trends to wear now

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate these fashion week trends into your current wardrobe, or simply looking for new pieces for fall, our stylists at Garbarini are here to help. Come shop our extensive selection and check out one of the top boutiques in Denver, at 239 Detroit Street.

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