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Shorts Outfit Ideas for the End of Summer

Shorts Outfit Ideas, How to Wear ShortsShorts Outfit Ideas, How to Wear ShortsShorts Outfit Ideas

You may be over this summer heat and thinking about Fall already, but the truth is it is only August and we may have a couple more months of shorts weather ahead of us. Luckily shorts outfits are easy to transition from summer to fall based on what you pair the shorts with, so even if Fall comes sooner than expected the following shorts outfit ideas will still come in handy.

Classic Denim Shorts

When thinking about summer shorts outfits, classic denim shorts often come to mind. Denim shorts don’t have to be the typical daisy duke cutoffs, there are plenty of styles that can work for women of any age and body type. Choose a style and color that you are comfortable with and you will have the perfect base for a ton of warm weather outfits.

No matter the style of denim shorts, pair them with a long sleeve button down and you’re set with a simple, chic ensemble that will never go out of style. It is also one of our shorts outfit ideas that can transition easily in to fall. Instead of a white linen button down, pair your jean shorts with a plaid top and booties. If you are looking for a dressier option, choose a darker or black denim short and pair them with a satin top and chunky heel.

Shorts at the Office

Shorts may not be the first thing you think of when picking out your outfit for work, but we’ve got some shorts outfit ideas that are not only appropriate for the office but will make your women co-workers envious. A fun trend these days are shorts suits – trouser-type tailored shorts with a matching blazer.

These can be patterned or solid colors, and come in an array of different fabrics, making them an option for the transition from summer to fall. It is a fresh alternative to your work dresses and you’ll give the men in suits a run for their money. If you don’t want to do the full suit look, pairing any shorts with an oversized blazer is another chic short outfit. You can even throw a blazer on with one of your denim shorts outfits for a day to night look.

Edgy Shorts Outfits

Take some tips from the models and celebrities and add some edge to your late summer outfit with a pair of bike shorts and a bomber jacket. Bike shorts are no longer just for working out but can be paired with a voluminous top to create a super chic outfit.

A slightly less intimidating but still edgy option is a standout patterned short – personally we love a good leopard print – balanced with a solid flowy top. For that extra element of pizazz, you could be bold and pair the patterned short with a different patterned top. For another shorts outfit to transition into fall, opt for leather shorts and a sweater.

When thinking about shorts outfit ideas for fall, focus on darker colors and heavier fabrics – a sweater or jacket with a pair of navy shorts is a perfect option. There is still time to wear those summer outfits as well, so soak in the last drops of hot sun in your summer shorts outfits. If you need some help in putting together these pieces, get in to Garbarini and one of our expert stylists will help you find something that fits your style, body type, and budget. Come shop our extensive selection and check out one of the top boutiques in Denver, at 239 Detroit Street.


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