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What to Wear on 4th of July

what to wear on 4th of july what to wear on 4th of julywhat-to-wear-on-4th-of-july

Even if you’re not the most patriotic of the bunch, dressing for the 4th of July holiday should be fun. Many of us wonder what to wear on 4th of July, so that we can show support for our wonderful country, without sacrificing our style.  Luckily enough, there are so many ways to dress in red, white and blue – and still look cute.


Go all out with a full red or full blue outfit to show your support for the USA. This could be in different shades of the same color or the exact same shade in a couple different pieces. If you’re really feeling it, you can even incorporate this shade in to your makeup with a bold red lip or some blue eyeliner. It doesn’t have to be red or blue either, you could choose an all-white outfit as well. Who would have thought you could transition the chic monochrome trend into the perfect 4th of July outfit?

Two pieces

Whether they are matching two pieces or just a pair of shorts and a tank top, the two-piece outfit is a fun way to dress for the holiday. We’ve seen a lot of matching crop tops and shorts this season, just find one that has some red, white or blue in it and you’re set. This also allows you to wear one piece that incorporates our country’s colors, but the second piece doesn’t necessarily have to go along with that – making this a good option for those that don’t want to go all out red, white and blue.

Little white dress

One of the simpler options for those of us wondering what to wear on 4th of July is the little white dresses. Most of us have at least one of these in our closets already. You don’t even have to integrate the other two colors into your ensemble and you will look both chic and patriotic. However, the white dress does allow for you to add some more stand out accessories.

Patriotic accessories

Accessories are where you can really show your USA spirit, while remaining true to your style. We have seen so many fabulous red handbags this season, whether they are clutches, shoulder bags, or cross-bodies – the red purse is a must have for 4th of July. Another hot trend are colorful slides, which can add some patriotic flare to any plain ensemble. You can also always opt for some USA inspired jewelry, with a statement making earring or necklace.


If you’re headed to a pool party or to the beach for the holiday, you may not have the same worries about what to wear on 4th of July, but you can still incorporate some red, white and blue into your swimwear and cover ups. Try a red and white striped one piece or a blue ruffled bikini to show your pride for the USA.  Or wear your typical swimwear and opt for a red flowy maxi dress as a cover up or a simple white linen mini dress to wear over your bikini.

The holiday is right around the corner, so get shopping for that Independence Day outfit! Garbarini’s stylists will lend their expertise to hand pick fashion-forward, patriotic items to help you figure out what to wear on 4th of July. Come shop our extensive selection and check out one of the top boutiques in Denver, at 239 Detroit Street.

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