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Summer Work Outfits That are Actually Cute

Most of us are already thinking about our summer wardrobe, whether that be swimwear, sundresses or accessories, but perhaps an even more important wardrobe element is what to wear to work every day. You shouldn’t have to compromise your workwear style during the hot summer months. The below pieces are chic, easy and office-appropriate - making the perfect summer work outfits.

7 summer work outfits


1.) The Shirtdress

If there was one piece of advice to give towards your summer work wardrobe, it is to go invest in a few shirtdresses. The shirtdress provides an effortlessly chic look for the office and can carry you through all the summer months.

7 summer work outfits

2.) Anything with a Midi Skirt

Use a midi skirt as a starting point or blank canvas to build your summer workwear around. You can create an endless amount of summer work outfits just from a simple midi skirt. The length is great for summer yet still appropriate for any office. Try incorporating some fun heels and tuck a cute blouse or even a nice t-shirt into the skirt to complete the look.

7 summer work outfits

3.) A Good White Button Down

Never underestimate the power of a classic white button-down shirt. This is a wardrobe staple for any season, but try tucking it in to a flowy skirt or couple it with a pair of cropped trousers and pedicure-baring heels. Another option is the sleeveless white button-down shirt instead of full sleeves, to add an extra summer flare to this classic, fresh look.

7 summer work outfits

4.) Lots Of Layers

Most offices have the air conditioning on as high as possible, especially in the hot summer months, which means layering your look is a must. Get creative with your layers by wearing a sleeveless dress over a t-shirt or layer a longline blazer over your favorite work dress.

7 summer work outfits

5.) Bright Colors & Prints

Bring some color to the office with a bright colored blouse or dress, or opt for a fun print like this season’s go-to – polka dots. A nice way to keep this trend subtle, is to pair the bright color with a muted color. For example, a bright red blouse with black cropped pants or a bright yellow dress with nude shoes and accessories.

7 summer work outfits

6.) Tailored Shorts

Depending on your place of work, shorts of any kind may not be appropriate. However, if you have a bit of a relaxed environment, a good pair of tailored shorts with a nice blouse is one of the ideal summer work outfits. Just make sure they are long enough to still be professional, and stick with a lower heel to pair with them.

7 summer work outfits

7.) Keep It Loose

No one wants to feel stuck in a pair of too-tight pants in the summer heat, so opt for something loose and flowy instead. Wide legged pants are chic and still look professional for the office. Try a white or crème pair of wide legged trousers to go with any top, for a perfect summer work outfit.

If you’re ready to get shopping for that summer wardrobe, Garbarini’s stylists are here to help. Our personal stylists will lend their expertise to assist in picking out the perfect pieces to build your summer work outfits, weekend or vacation wear. Come shop our extensive selection and check out one of the top boutiques in Denver, at 239 Detroit Street.

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