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Wondering What to Wear to a Spring Wedding?

Wedding season is officially here! That fact could bring upon a sense of joy or stress, depending on the number of wedding invites on your refrigerator, but no matter how many you are attending, spring weddings are some of our favorites merely because of the versatility of attire you have available. It is a time when the weather report should not dictate your outfit choice – in between winter’s frigid temps and summer’s hot heat. If you find yourself wondering what to wear to a spring wedding, see some of our top ideas below and get shopping for the perfect wedding guest outfit.

Spring Wedding Attire

We aren’t quite in the heat of summer weddings, which means you have even more options at your fingertips in terms of wedding attire. You don’t have to worry about the temps being too high to dare to wear a silky fabric, but you also don’t have to worry about lugging a jacket around with you either. Whether you opt for a flirty floral dress or a sleek jumpsuit, try and have fun with your spring wedding outfit.

what to wear to a spring weddingwhat to wear to a spring weddingwhat to wear to a spring wedding

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of spring is a bright floral pattern. This is always a great go-to for a spring wedding outfit, but instead of the classic floral a-line dress why not try out a floral wrap dresses with a flirty ruffled sleeve? This style screams spring daytime wedding and is comfortable enough to keep you on the dancefloor. You can also go with full long sleeves depending on the weather or venue, but still incorporate that springy floral pattern in a more unexpected ruched fabric. If feminine florals aren’t what you gravitate towards when thinking about what to wear to a spring wedding but you are looking for a pattern, a whimsy star motif evokes a dreamy quality while still feeling sophisticated enough to wear to a friend or family member’s nuptials. Another great go-to pattern for spring is polka dots, whether they be large or small, they can make a plain dress a bit more playful.

what to wear to a spring weddingwhat to wear to a spring weddingwhat to wear to a spring wedding

Don’t feel boring if you prefer a plain, pattern-less ensemble. Instead of incorporating springy patterns you could opt for certain fabrics that lend themselves best to spring weather. The fabrics that comes to mind first are silk or satin. The best part about this fabric is that you can wear it in so many different styles, that all make perfect spring wedding outfits. If the wedding is a bit more formal, try a full length silk dress or potentially a sleek jumpsuit. If it is a daytime wedding or less formal, a sassy satin mini dress is just the ticket.

Picking out wedding guest attire is not an easy feat, but definitely one that Garbarini’s personal stylists can help you with. If you’re struggling with figuring out what to wear to a spring wedding, or you are simply looking for an outfit for an upcoming event, our stylists can lend their expertise to ensure you find something that fits your style and your budget. Come shop our extensive selection and check out one of the top boutiques in Denver, at 239 Detroit Street.

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