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5 Rainy Day Outfits for Spring

Rainy Day Outfits Can Be Chic Too

We may be in the midst of April showers, but don’t let the gloomy weather make you sacrifice your fashion choices. This is the first full month of spring after all, so get out of those winter parkas and snow boots and throw on some bright colors. We will show you how rainy day outfits can still be fun and fashion forward, yet practical for the wet weather.

How to Look Cute on a Rainy Day

Incorporate the five rainy day outfit ideas below and you will look super chic, even when walking through the rain showers.


Trench Coats

5 rainy day outfits

As the quintessential go-to coat of “in-between weather”, the trench coat completes any spring outfit. You can go classic with a khaki coat and dark buttons, or push the boundaries a bit and try a color or pattern. Trench coats are consistently on the runways, so there are always new and original styles coming out to choose from.

Bright Colors

5 rainy day outfits

It may be dark and gloomy outside, but your rainy day outfits don’t have to be. You can fake a sunny day with a bright and colorful ensemble – really show off your spring spirit. Another fabulous spring choice is a bold floral pattern (April showers, do bring flowers after all). Brighten everyone’s mood, including your own, with a colorful floral outfit during a rainstorm.

Go Vinyl

The vinyl fabric not only looks fashion forward, but you’ll actually appear somewhat waterproof yourself. A vinyl jacket is a good alternative to the traditional trench or go a bit more out of the box with some vinyl pants. Make it extra “springy” and opt for a bright color instead of the typical black.

Boots of any Kind

Although you may not need your furry winter boots anymore, boots of any kind are ideal for the wet, rainy weather. No one wants to ruin their suede flats in the rain or walk through a puddle in their new leather sneakers. Rainy day outfits are not quite complete without a cute pair of rain boots, but really any waterproof material will work. A good pair of waterproof combat boots or vinyl boots are both chic, yet practical choices.

Waterproof Accessories

5 rainy day outfits

As you may have seen in our shoes for spring blog or in Chanel’s spring 2018 runway show, the clear plastic style is definitely in this season. Although it is popular in footwear, the see-through look can also translate to other accessories such as bags and hats. We’ve even seen what you might call a “handbag raincoat” or a clear, plastic purse surrounding another standard purse, making it appear that your handbag is wearing a raincoat too! When we’re talking about waterproof accessories and rainy day outfits, we can’t help but mention the umbrella. It may seem like this standard rainy day accessory is dull and boring, but a fun umbrella is the perfect way to spice up your outfit in the gloomy weather and keep you dry.

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