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Shoes for Spring

Get Your Shoes for Spring Now

Although a lot of us are in the middle of the snowiest time of the year, we can’t help but think about springtime! Well get excited, because the shoes for spring are something to look forward to. Overall you can expect to see lighter color palettes, bold shapes, and some styles that will make you feel a bit nostalgic. These spring shoe trends are sure to warm you up for the sunny days to come.

Spring Shoe Trends 2018

Spring is always an interesting transitional time – should you still be wearing boots or should you bust out your espadrilles? Lucky for us, there is no right answer, and all different materials and styles are trending in shoes for spring.

Cowboy boots

Designers are bringing back the western inspired boots in styles ranging from traditional to a more modern take. The great thing about cowboy boots is that they work well when the weather is still chilly, and you need some full coverage, but also complement your festival attire in the warmer temperatures.

Platform heels

A spring shoe trend that might bring you back a few decades, is the platform heel. Expect to see some colorful, patterned platforms this spring. Not only do these fun heels provide an extra inch or two of height, but often they can be more comfortable than their standard alternative – which is always a plus!


When you hear “glittery shoes” the first thing that comes to mind is probably either Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or a six-year-old girl’s shoe fantasy, but this season designers put out some surprisingly approachable glittering styles – from pumps, to platforms, to boots and more. Add some sparkle to your spring shoes this year.


Pastels aren’t just for Easter Sunday, but rather all spring long, as they are a huge color trend for spring 2018. Lavender is one particular hue that you will be seeing a lot of in styles ranging from sandals, to slides, to pumps, and even sneakers. You must admit that these pastel colors do scream, shoes for spring.

Old School Streetwear

Some of these spring sneaker styles are reminiscent of trainers from the past, and others are taking a more futuristic angle, but one thing is for sure – these so called ‘grandpa shoes’ are all the rage this spring. They are also being worn with any outfit, not just with other streetwear. So, dig up those old Skechers from elementary school and you will look right on-trend this season.


We have seen this see-through, plastic trend before, but it has become much more widespread and, in a lot, more styles this spring. It is a fun way to wear certain shoes and not necessarily look like you’re wearing anything, giving somewhat of a futuristic vibe. From see-through heels to clear slip on mules, the naked shoe trend is clearly here to stay.


Although it is not exactly a spring shoe trend itself, socks will be accompanying many of the shoes for spring this year. Designers mixed and matched shoe styles with patterned socks on the runways, but for a more wearable take on this trend, pair a thin, simple sock with your heels and a skirt.


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