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Red Carpet Fashion 2018

Red Carpet Trends

Everyone knows that the best part of award season is the red carpet fashion. Watching the mega stars donned in the latest runway trends - everyone has to know “who are you wearing?” In our world, the true award winners are the best dressed on the red carpet. It is always great to see people taking a few risks or wearing something unique, but of course, there are some trends that we see across the carpets of the various award shows.

Top Awards Season Fashion Trends

Feathered Dresses

We have seen several instances of feathered frocks across the red carpets this year. Angelina Jolie wore not one, but two different dresses with feather details at both the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice awards this year. We saw Margot Robbie, stunning the crowd with feathers on her dress at the SAG awards as well.

Pops of colored jewels

The Golden Globes were, of course, filled with gorgeous black dresses, but we also saw a lot of pops of color coming through in the ladies’ choice of jewels. The prominent color was an emerald green, which we saw on a number of women, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Debra Messing, and Issa Rae, to name a few.

The dress-pants-hybrid

Another popular trend at the Golden Globes was the dress-pants-hybrid. Alison Brie was one of several women donning this trend, in black, at the Globes. Lady Gaga also brought the trend to the Grammys red carpet this year, in her typical show-stopping way.


Capes have been ruling red carpet fashion this year, in all different colors and textures. Capes are definitely a fun way to add a little extra drama to your red carpet look. Diane Kruger’s sheer cape at the Golden Globes could be our favorite, but capes also reigned at the SAG awards too.

Sheer sheaths

Many of us thought the sheer trend had come and gone, but as evidence on the red carpet this year, it is here to stay. Several women have chosen sheer sheaths for their award show dresses, including Heidi Klum at the Grammys and Kate Hudson at the Golden Globe’s – understandably so, have you seen their bodies?

High neck style

A more conservative, but very fashion forward choice for an award show dress is the high neck style. Often times seen with a lot of lace, the high neck trend is reminiscent of the Victorian era. Alicia Vikander wore a beautiful black version of this trend for the Golden Globes, and Kate Bosworth modeled the full on Victorian look for the Critics’ Choice awards.


We’ve already seen all of these gorgeous red carpet trends and we still have arguably the biggest red carpet to come – the Academy Awards! Everyone brings their a-game for the Oscars, so we know it is going to be an exciting night for fashion.


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