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7 Upcoming Fashion Trends for 2018

New Fashion Trends

Ringing in the new year means it is time to ring in a new set of fashion trends. Trends come and go each year (and each season), but the below are predicted to be a few of the upcoming fashion trends of 2018. Whether you typically take your fashion advice from runways, street style, or celebrities – you should consider incorporating these new fashion trends into your 2018 wardrobe.

Trends You’ll be Wearing in 2018

- Art Inspired Fashion -

1. Many of the top fashion designers are collaborating with artists to create new pieces for their lines. Some including bold Andy Warhol prints, others going for a colorful, cartoonish look – either way, art is wearable this year and one of the largest trends seen on the spring 2018 runways.


  • - Dark Denim -

2. Not necessarily a new trend, but something seen across the runways this year is the dark denim trend. Whether in a classic jean pant, two-piece outfit, or a dress – you’ll want to include some dark denim in your wardrobe.


- Small bags -

3. A new year, and a new (ish) bag trend. We will be seeing a lot of tiny purses on the arms of fashionistas this year and yes, you may not be able to fit all of your necessities in it but you sure will look chic. Both the revamped fannypack trend and the micro purse have the celebrity stamp of approval this year.


- Retro Workout Pieces -

4. By now, everyone has heard of the athleisure trend rocking the fashion world, but this year we will see it with a retro twist. A throwback to the 80s and 90s workout gear was seen across several designers for their 2018 collections. Items you thought were more appropriate for an old school workout video, are now one of the top upcoming fashion trends of the year.


  • - Plastic -

5. You may have seen this trend on some of the most fashionable celebs, but it is making a major splash this year. Whether clear plastic outwear or plastic over the knee boots – spring 2018 will likely be filled with this shiny trend. It is even more appropriate if your city faces a good number of rainstorms.


  • - Lots of prints -

6. One thing is for sure, the spring 2018 runway was full of prints. Some of the top prints seen were windowpane checks, over-the-top florals, and pastel prints typically seen on your picnic blanket. Don’t be afraid to mix prints together this year, mashed-up prints also took a front seat on the spring runways.


  • - Scrunchies -

7. If you put your hair in a ponytail in the 90s, it is likely that you used some sort of a scrunchie. Well, like a lot of other 90s trends, the scrunchie is making a comeback. Dig up your old hair accessories and put them to good use in 2018!

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