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Winter Jacket Trends to Shop Now

Cold Weather Jackets

As temperatures continue to drop, it’s time to bundle up in a nice, new winter jacket. Not only are these winter jacket trends going to keep you warm this season, but they are going to make you look good while doing it.  The cold weather jacket styles below are some of the most popular of the season, and with a variety of different styles, you can even choose more than one to rotate through your winter wardrobe this year.

Top Winter Jacket Trends

Trench Coats

img src="trench-coat” alt=”winter jacket trends – trench coat”

Being such a classic silhouette, the trench coat will probably never go out of style. But this year we are seeing a strong presence of this chic, classic style on the runways and the streets. Although it may not be the coziest of the winter jacket trends, it is perfect for a brisk day out in jeans and boots.

Vinyl Jacket

<img src="vinyl-jacket” alt=”winter jacket trends – vinyl jacket”>


Though the vinyl jacket makes a bold statement, with patent being such a large trend this year, you will not be the only one with this style in your closet. Pick up a patent trench or a cropped vinyl jacket to fit in with the most stylish of shoppers this season.

Puffer Coats


The puffer coat not only keeps you extremely warm, but on trend as well. Down coats for women were a big trend last year, but this year we are seeing a more exaggerated style. Both short and long puffer jackets have been all over the place, and in almost every color imaginable. If you live in a city that does get quite cold, we highly recommend purchasing the latest puffer jacket style to keep you warm and chic on a chilly day.

Shearling Coat

<img src="shearling-coat” alt=”winter jacket trends – shearling coat”>


If you’re looking for something super cozy – the shearling coat trend should be at the top of your list. You can choose from a subtle shearling liner or go all out with a full, oversized shearling coat. Shearling is one of the biggest winter jacket trends we have seen this year.

Faux Fur Coats

<img src="faux-fur-coat” alt=”winter jacket trends – faux fur coats”>

A timeless trend - the faux fur coat - is bound to be around every year in some form or another. In our opinion, if you’re going to go with a faux fur coat, why not make it a show stopper? A big, bouncy, full-length faux fur coat will surely turn some heads, in a good way, this season.

Camo Jackets

 <img src="camo-jackets” alt=”winter jacket trends – camo jackets”>

The camo trend has been seen everywhere from tops, to pants, to bags, and of course – the camo jacket. Although it may seem like a tricky print to pull off at first, army-inspired parkas or utility jackets are all the rage this winter season.

Moto Jacket

 <img src="moto-jacket” alt=”winter jacket trends – moto jacket”>

A classic, leather moto jacket adds edge and looks good with almost any winter outfit. The moto jacket is a closet staple as it can be paired with jeans and boots or even feminine floral for a contrasted style. The leather moto jacket looks chic and on-trend all year round, but we love it to wear to lunch on a crisp winter day.


We have plenty of recommendations on how to wear all of these winter jacket trends this season. Garbarini’s personal stylists are the best at showing you how to put an outfit together that fits both your style and your figure. Come meet with a stylist and check out one of the top boutiques in Denver, at 239 Detroit Street.

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